This new Orlando development’s vision is to bring Lake Ivanhoe’s industrial heritage, established neighborhood, and creative clientele together in an authentic way to create a great place.


Exciting news!!!  "The Venue" will be relocating to a new home within this development sometime in 2017!


NOV. 02,



Phase II (Demolition)

Please be advised that Jack Jennings & Sons, Inc. is currently partnering with the City 

of Orlando to construct a new roadway with landscape and hardscape that will benefit 

the current and future needs for the City of Orlando and surrounding property owners 

with the replacement of Philadelphia Avenue with the new Alden Road alignment.


This work will require periodic road and sidewalk modifications and closures, resulting in 

temporarily modified traffic lanes and/or detours.


Attached is a Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan that has been submitted and 

approved by the City of Orlando and the State of Florida.  A MOT, provided by 

contractors, includes provisions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic during road work.


Located on the same pages as the MOT is a detour diagram to help plan your travel 

route during construction.


This work is planned to last ( 8 ) weeks.  Please see attached Schedule.


The projected timeline is subject to change in the event of unforeseen issues, weather 

delays, etc.


Please pardon the temporary inconvenience during this construction process.



The development plan for THE YARD AT IVANHOE PLACE

calls for Virginia Drive to be widened for about half a block, near Alden Road. The plans also call for demolishing the warehouses along Alden Road to clear the way for the mixed-use development, with some of the buildings being as tall as nine stories.


The property is east of Lake Ivanhoe and north of Virginia Drive. The neighborhood is now known for antique shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a growing theater community: Alden Road hosts the main business office of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and around the corner on Virginia Drive is The Venue, a performing arts center that hosts live theater, dance, and music performances.


Work is now underway as of November 2015.