This is the second brick and morter business for Blue Star. Owner of BlueLaLa Entertainment, Blue has been a trailblazer of the Arts community especially with The Venue Orlando , a Philanthropist, Activist and has been changing nightlife for 20 years in Orlando. Curator of the LONGEST RUNNING and AWARD WINNING Burlesque group Ladies of the Peek-a-Boo Lounge,  Multiple Award Winning and Orlando's favorite Theatre Ensemble VarieTEASE, The gender bending Ladyboy's of the Peek-a-Boo Lounge and let's not forget from Dirty Bingo  and The Bingo Lady. She is the founder of The BarberFund A 501(c)3 organization "helping people live with Cancer" Orlando Mags  "Women of the Year and 50 Most Powerful" Recipient of the Harvey Milk Trailblazer Award, and Orlando's Best Artist from the Orlando Weekly and Watermark. 

Aside from that she loves foods and entertainment due to her lack of being able to sit still.

What is Blue doing Downtown? "IT's time to change the conversation and reinvent a beloved treasure in Orlando....CHURCH ST"

No stranger to Orlando (because she's lived here most of her life) Jackie Lewin (BlueLaLa Entertainment) is the former Business Manager and cameo performer extraordinaire of The Venue. Jackie has extensive background in Restaurant Management and is happy to be using that Masters Degree on the daily as her world's collide here in the HÄOS. If you see Jackie with one arm up that certainly means she is having a good time and a step touch dance move will soon follow! Meet the one that holds us all together Jackie Lewin. 


No stranger to Orlando and the SouthEast, the team of BlueLaLa Entertainment has been changing events, nightlife and private parties one show at a time. From the Award Winning and Critically Acclaimed VarieTEASE to the longest running and pioneering Burlesque company The Ladies of the Peek-a-Boo Lounge and much much more, BlueLaLa has claimed it's stake in Orlando and is all up in the HÄOS! BlueLaLa is innovative and a trailblazing company that creates energy and brings superb talent to any event. Now this is a Happy HÄOS!

VarieTEASE is no stranger to Orlando. This award winning Dance/Theatre group of talented humans can't wait to entertain you. You never know when this cast of characters might PopUp. If you don't know VarieTEASE, you certainly should and you will because they are in the HÄOS! Your VarieTEASE Veterans featured here are Tymisha Harris, Megan Boetto, Michelina Moen, Jack Sherwood Montgomery Kreeger, Katrina Anne Soricelli and Mandy Cox.

Without her 8 arms running sound and lights for the HÄOS we would be in the dark! Isabel Hernandez has been part of our Tech Family for over 7 years. She's been with us since The Venue and now Lights up our rooms at HÄOS. She is always Sunny and Cheerful and there is nothing too challenging for her!